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I wonder how … Resilience-contd With the help … Sunset Red-contd.. I had lost my umbrella yet another … Under the Gulmohar Because of the crowd, I was forced to stand next to him. The train … The Cufflink-contd.. The celebration would be … Birthday Party --contd.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. The idea behind the 6-Pack concept was to give you a 6-Pack of Thoughtful Flash Fiction - Kindle edition by Gil C. Schmidt. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Six stories taken from two larger collections, Thirty The 6-Pack series brings you Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, Adventure, Humor, Horror, Romance and Thoughtful flash fiction: something for.

She had no management degree but she knew how to manage people and affairs. Where should I start from? In today's world, specially in India, even now people think that being born as a daughter is a crime. I always had a neutral opinion on the Love at first sight.


Since the officials had …. Every single move you take is the difference between winning and losing; the stakes are always sky-high. I mostly enjoy the iOS port for how easy it makes it to play in-person with friends. You text, in real time, with a loved one trying to escape Syria as a refugee. No, it was not enough. But some … The Village Gunsmith-continued

She brought fresh jasmine and kanakambaram … Planned Vengeance- contd.. She must be big hipped and busty no doubt, with long hair and full sensuous lips. A new nurse followed by his elder son Krishnakumar came to the room. She took his temperature … Castaway-continued. Continued from here Inspector Rajan peered through it vigilantly and what he saw inside the living room was absolutely frightening.

But for Sushmita it was the worst day of her life. Without wasting any time he went to his study. We were attending a course in Management. It was a post — graduate course. The July sun was at its best to squeeze energy out of him. I was a Sr. Driver with Central Railways. Adjusted and cleaned my pair of glasses, looked out ahead and … Did I Overact? I really had planned what to do the next morning. It came like a flash - the idea I mean, and then I started thinking over how to proceed. Standing on top of one of the tallest skyscrapers Mist gazed at his city, his home.

Back to page 1 of the story Sudha burst into tears. Her heart sank and her knees felt weak at the thought of confronting her brother. I was excited to meet her. Today, fifteen-years after, Roshini is still … Retelling a most wondrous Texas trip As usual she was smiling. To his prejudiced eyes the garland around the photograph seemed to be slightly … The Boutique by the Beach-continued Back to Page 1 The Sales ladies they had hired were doing their job well too.

Should I return the diary to Norma? Do you mind? Does it alter anything between us? An educated girl, who entered into … The Algebra of passions-continued Back to previous page The Oil bottle was opened and poured in the oil pot which was kept near the Stove. Then it was time to open her favorite … Sympathy for the Devil- continued.. You thought God would be crazy but He is the wisest and you are a loser.

They were all in very high spirits speeding their two wheeler s and enjoying the late evening breeze. No one answered. She looked around again and on not seeing anyone, continued walking forward. Only if it rained a little last week! A week since the aquarium has been sitting in the living room, on top of the fancy mantelpiece.

You know I had an argument about the trash the other day with her? She is the worst neighbor possible! Well, the story begins with a theft. It is a very hot and sunny day, thought Saroja as she slowly walked back home, after purchasing vegetables and groceries necessary for the household for … Am I beautiful?

Sumi, a young girl in her early twenties, was sitting on a beach watching the waves come and go. She was a short girl with round face and curly hair. Meena Shankar. She was short, about 5 feet with wheatish complexion and black curly hair cropped short. A couple of months ago I met with an accident, which cut my left foot very badly.

It happened within the blink of an eye.

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The school was about to leave. Moments later he heard the school bell ring. Her mind and body terribly exhausted oblivious of the sequence of events that had occurred in the last … The Day of Parting! I could never forget the fateful day I got the phone call.

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It is etched so clearly in my memory that nothing else measures up to it. The red sky was turning to grey. There she stood - her straight back conveying the feeling of freedom. Ten years of marriage gave her two kids, big car, spacious apartment and …. Is this a new karma or some of my past sins? Lal stood shamefaced in front of his family for a moment.

Dressed in her favourite yellow salwar kameez, she had plaited her hair … Lynching Continued from page 1 The hand around her neck tightened. The point of the knife glittered menacingly a few inches from her chest. But some … The Village Gunsmith-continued So the Times of India had written.

Gupta had left the van too. Her office had shifted to Connaught Place. She alternated between a Chartered bus and the … Trouble in Eden Why are there more downs than ups in love? Why is there more dejection than affection? He looked outside from time to time through the glass pane of the window.

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But we decided to keep in touch. No, it was not enough. It had to happen, it was nonchalantly coloring my thoughts for few days, I fought with it day and night, yet it appeared in my mind.

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Apparently, it was being ignored as many memories were associated with her life. Nilima looked up from her knitting to the child. She silently ate up the uppittu and washed it down with a glass of milk. The child in her womb needed it. Meanwhile, she heard the click of the main … Pharoah's Ring - continued. Return to previous page - Pharoah's Ring At last in despair Mrs. Gomes thought of consulting the parish priest.

He is a charming boy, sweet and quite.

She had been out in the jungles since morning, gathering wood, leaves and medicinal plants for sale. Many a time she rued the … Mr.

Bhagawan Krupa was the house next door. The trees, with wet leaves, stood in silence and anticipation. A futile attempt! It was misty, windy and cold out side. Twelve year old girl Suneeta was lying on the bed unable to bear the uneasiness due to high temperature. She always had that effect on me. Several ancient oak trees can be seen on each side of the road. John's Hospital pronounced the verdict.

Ram was terminally ill with Esophageal cancer. Each child is a store house of ideas. They can make impossible happen.

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A dismal morning lending a dark, somber hue to the surroundings! From then on it was a steady race downwards to self destruction. And indeed it was a lovely house.

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A dream house. There was a crowd in the Sub-Registrar Office, Pavanpur town. Bhargavi got down at the station.